Wednesday, August 25, 2010

School boy !

Hellooo! ToNy here ,
My wife really wants me to write in this thing.. lol -so here I am!  Life is dealing us some really good cards right now!  Heather just started working at Starbucks as of a week or so ago and she loves it! She looks soo cute in her lil' Starbucks outfit with her lil' green apron! I think sheeees Cuttteee! (as Rudolph would say) The only bummer thing is we don't get to see each other as much with our conflicting work schedules, but I guess thats married life at its finest right?   So last week was my first time back at school.. since highschool! yikes! Time flies.  I cant believe I've been out of highschool for 5 years already, it feels weird!  I was really nervous at first but actually it has been a lot of fun! I feel really good about myself  and am excited too continue my college journey slowly but surly!

 For those of you that are into SPORTS! Football SEASON starts soon! Preseason has already started and my 9ers are looking good lemme tell you! its gonna be a good season! Heather and I's footballs party's will be fun!So we have been married now for almost 3 months! Wow, doesn't really seem like along time Ha but at the same time it just feels like we have been married for ever! ;]  Love her!  I bought wife some flowers tonight ;]  Hopefully she Likes them!

 But its my time to head out now, I have to take care of some Shiz! Thanks to all who read this and share an interest in our lives! Take care now bye bye ! ;]
Mr.  Ricker

Monday, August 9, 2010


I am working at Starbucks now and its looking like its going to be awesome! Hello early morning shifts at..5AM.. AHhh! But- the job is well worth it, there are a lot of perks and Starbucks is an awesome company! Everybody seems REALLY nice and it really does look like its going to be fun! So what else is new?

Well.. a couple days ago we celebrated good friend Seth's birthday at Amicis Pizza.. So good! I looovee getting together with all our friends like that! It's times like that when you can laugh with friends that you realize how truly blessed you (we) are. :)

Saturday night was a big night for Body Electric (Tony's band). They played with one of our favorite bands growing up The ataries! It was so fun to sing along with them. .... here in this diary... I write you visions of my summer... la la la :) Good times! Here's the video if you want to see it :) Thanks to Vinnie Langdon for creating this awesome video I can't wait to see it on the VinnieLangdon Show on the vacaville channel! I'm so proud of Tony!

Speaking of which, the new madden is out tonight at midnight so- of course hubby is meeting up with good pall Erick and waiting in line at Gamestop! So the girls are coming over for a little girl time. We're going to do facials! Thanks to Natalie and her super cosmetology skills! The girls+ movie+ treats+ facials = WAYFUNTIME!

<3 H

Monday, August 2, 2010


So I though it would be a fun to start a new blog as a married couple. And everyone and their dog has a blog these days so why not? Where to start? Well, we got hitched about two months ago and life has been hunkey-Dorrey ever since. We are living in Fairfield in a cutesey little apartment next to our pals Amy and Daniel. Caleb and Ben just moved next door also so life is pretty fun! Tony is working at AT&T and we both are starting school in two weeks. We both have a counseling appointment this week so I'm excited to see how far away graduation is for us. I'm SO excited!! I also have a job interview tomorrow, so hopefully that goes well!

Tony got off work early today and this is what he's doing...

Hence, I am blogging.

Last week was Tony's birthday! It was so fun having our first holiday (ish) as a married couple. There are lots of perks ;) I got Tony a new watch from Fossil which he loved. We had ice cream cake and birthday fun at his parents house, and then went to chilies with friends! It was go great to see everyone :) We miss the singles ward sometimes. Here are some pics from the B-day.

What a fun day! Well, its time to go running. Adios!