Wednesday, August 25, 2010

School boy !

Hellooo! ToNy here ,
My wife really wants me to write in this thing.. lol -so here I am!  Life is dealing us some really good cards right now!  Heather just started working at Starbucks as of a week or so ago and she loves it! She looks soo cute in her lil' Starbucks outfit with her lil' green apron! I think sheeees Cuttteee! (as Rudolph would say) The only bummer thing is we don't get to see each other as much with our conflicting work schedules, but I guess thats married life at its finest right?   So last week was my first time back at school.. since highschool! yikes! Time flies.  I cant believe I've been out of highschool for 5 years already, it feels weird!  I was really nervous at first but actually it has been a lot of fun! I feel really good about myself  and am excited too continue my college journey slowly but surly!

 For those of you that are into SPORTS! Football SEASON starts soon! Preseason has already started and my 9ers are looking good lemme tell you! its gonna be a good season! Heather and I's footballs party's will be fun!So we have been married now for almost 3 months! Wow, doesn't really seem like along time Ha but at the same time it just feels like we have been married for ever! ;]  Love her!  I bought wife some flowers tonight ;]  Hopefully she Likes them!

 But its my time to head out now, I have to take care of some Shiz! Thanks to all who read this and share an interest in our lives! Take care now bye bye ! ;]
Mr.  Ricker


Tombstone said...

Tony good luck with school. Heather good luck with the new job and take care of each other!

Collette Mae said...

Haha I have to beg hubby to write on "our" blog too! Take care of that girl, of course you are, you always have. Yup, I know that even though I have yet to meet you. She's a fav :)