Monday, August 2, 2010


So I though it would be a fun to start a new blog as a married couple. And everyone and their dog has a blog these days so why not? Where to start? Well, we got hitched about two months ago and life has been hunkey-Dorrey ever since. We are living in Fairfield in a cutesey little apartment next to our pals Amy and Daniel. Caleb and Ben just moved next door also so life is pretty fun! Tony is working at AT&T and we both are starting school in two weeks. We both have a counseling appointment this week so I'm excited to see how far away graduation is for us. I'm SO excited!! I also have a job interview tomorrow, so hopefully that goes well!

Tony got off work early today and this is what he's doing...

Hence, I am blogging.

Last week was Tony's birthday! It was so fun having our first holiday (ish) as a married couple. There are lots of perks ;) I got Tony a new watch from Fossil which he loved. We had ice cream cake and birthday fun at his parents house, and then went to chilies with friends! It was go great to see everyone :) We miss the singles ward sometimes. Here are some pics from the B-day.

What a fun day! Well, its time to go running. Adios!



Stacey Horton said...

I miss you and havent talked to you in forever!! how are you!!! ahh im so happy for you spanish buddy ;) follow me on my blog!

Mr&MrsRicker said...

Hey friend!!! I miss you!! I always see your pictures and remember how FUN you are! Life is great! How have you been? Ill follow you, you follow me lol!

Julie said...

Heather! I'm so happy that YOUR SO HAPPY!! I love you and miss you :)

Mr&MrsRicker said...

Julie! I miss you too! How are you?!