Sunday, December 26, 2010


 Christmas was A-mazing.  Simply put, it was the best Christmas I have ever had.  Originally I was thinking that I might be a little sad waking up anywhere else besides my parents home.  But waking up in our home and having our first Christmas here together was so special.  Tony and I both get SOOO into Christmas, it was just magical.  Full of joy, tears, love and pure joy. There's nothing better then snuggling up with the one you love on the couch listening to christmas music, enjoying the twinkling lights of the christmas tree and the sparks of the fireplace. Tony woke me up at 6:45 am, as excited as you would expect a little child to be. We got up and walked into the living room and BOY OH BOY did Santa come!!! All my favorites were under our tree- True Religion, Victoria Secret Pink and... a little blue box!!! I was BLOWN AWAY! Do I have the greatest most amazing husband ever or what?!  Santa also brought Tony a year long membership to 24 hour fitness!

After we had our first Christmas here at our place, we quickly got ready and headed over to the Ricker house to open presents there too.  It was awesome because even though Tony's siblings are grown up, they all ( except Stacy =(  ) came home early in the morning to open presents by the Christmas tree all together.  I can honestly say there is no better feeling then the love of family.  I feel so blessed to have them. I love them so much! And even though this was our first Christmas together and we couldn't really afford to buy everyone an amazing gift like we wanted, no one cared at the least.  No one cared because being with the ones you love on Christmas is an amazing gift in itself.  :)
  We definitely got hooked up with some cool presents at the Ricker home.. A new Ipod that is actually big enough to hold all Tony's music (160 g's!) a new home docking system for it, tons of spa stuff for me, and (this was awesome-) a "girls night gift basket! Complete with movie tickets, dinner gift cards, candy and lots of chocolate!  We got dinner gift cards, clothes, Cd's and all kinds of cool stuff.  The big present of the year went to Mom, who got... A BRAND NEW IPAD!   It was definitely magical over there I must say.  I really loved being over there for Christmas morning, with all the nieces and nephews running around playing with new toys Santa brought for them.  It will be so fun to experience Christmas in the future ( far future lol) with our own babies.  We are the only ones left with no children and I must say I think about it alot.  However, after a day spent with my adorable nieces and nephews I must say I do like coming home.. alone ;)
After the Ricker Christmas it was off to my parents house for a good ol' MacCallum Family Christmas.  One of the most looked forward to parts of the Christmas experience is our Christmas DVD.  Basically, instead of sending out Christmas letters, my family makes a DVD of all the past years pictures.  Birthdays, anniversary's, graduations, retirements, weddings, showers, and all the funny kodak moments in between.  Its becoming a family tradition and I feel excited every year to see the reactions on everyones faces.  It was awesome.  After thanksgiving dinner for the second time.. ( and at this point it was Tonys...6th plate?   ( love you honey!)  We fell asleep on the couch in our matching snuggies.  Yes we got matching snuggies.
 All in all it was the best Christmas I could have imagined. Im so lucky to have my best friend, and high school sweetheart to share the holidays with and can't wait for the years ahead of us.  I love him more than words can say.  I hope everyone had a magical Christmas and lets get ready for new years!!

Lots of love,


Sunday, December 12, 2010

All things merry

It has come to my attention lately how truly blessed we are for have been able to have a temple marriage.  I just feel so lucky to know that when life is tough, I have nothing to fear because the Lord is with us helping us, guiding us, comforting us and prompting us.  Marriage isn't all lovey dovey all the time,  at times it's a learning process and I feel happy to not only have Heavenly Father on our side but my best friend on my side. The world will throw you all kinds of lemons, most you would have never expected or planned for, and its going to take being united on as many levels as possible to get through it. Including your faith.  I truly grow to love my husband more and more each passing day. Love is a wonderful thing, and at this Christmas season, I feel very lucky to have it so abundant in my life.  Merry christmas everyone! We love you all!
On another note..
Tony went to the 49er game today ( GO NINERS!) So I went to singles with Natalie.  I MISS SINGLES SOOOOOOOOOO much. :(  I try veryveryvery hard to love my ward just as much but....=/  
It was so nice to see everyone and to feel the spirit that is always there.  After church I came home and had some presents to wrap and put under our tree!  So I turned on some of our favorite christmas tunes and started away.  It was so christmas-y in here with the tree and the lights.. but something was missing. And thats when I found this.

Christmas Yule Log on Demand!
What a great idea for those who don't have a fireplace right?!  Our little home feels cozier already!

I also decided to make some Peppermint Bark today with was interesting.  One would think with all the baking I love to do I could handle the simple peppermint bark recipe right? Yea, I burnt the first batch. oops.
But the second batch came out great ;)
Hubby really liked it.
 One thing I love about Christmas..  getting Christmas cards in the mail!!!
It just gets me all excited about the holidays and knowing people thought of us makes me feel so loved. I am working on ours at the moment and they should be out by wednesday ( hopefully!)   Jacki actually took some AWESOME pictures of us this first year together.  She is so amazing.  If anyone is looking for a photographer.. Jacki is the woman! 

She's talented right?

Merry Christmas everyone!


The Rickers

Sunday, December 5, 2010