Sunday, February 27, 2011

"10 secrets of happy couples"

I read this article that I thought was pretty great. Thought I would share :)

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Collette Mae said...

Okay, so did you change something? Because I can write now!! Anyway this is a pretty good article! Peter showed it to me awhile ago (mostly to point out the part about having time apart from each other being an okay thing lol) Last week someone told me this and I thought it was brilliant (rough paraphrase): Things don't cause divorce, people's inability to deal with things cause divorce. Isn't that so brilliant? Hah, maybe I'm dumb, but I really like it. People don't get divorced because of money or pornography or fighting or whatever, it's their inability and unwillingness to fix those things. Crazy isn't it? I think it totally fits with what which-ever church leader said about any two righteous people being able to have a happy and successful marriage. Righteous = willing to work on weaknesses and progress which will make the marriage work. Anyway that was just super eye opening to me in my philosophies about marriage!

Also, I think that this article says that you develop a much greater romance after years of marriage. The same person who gave the above quote also said (roughly paraphrased): Love, the feeling, is a result of love, the action. Again, I think that's brilliant! I have found the more that I serve Peter and the more he served me, the greater our feelings of love develop. It's no wonder that people who stop serving each other "fall out of love." It's completely essential.

Anyway, isn't marriage great??? It's like "Wow, life really makes sense now!" Love it! Hope you are doing well. This is super long! That's what you get when I'm finally able to comment :)