Wednesday, February 2, 2011

As of late..

Hello friends! I can't believe it is already February. Much has happened since we last blogged.  School has started again and I am now at Sacramento State!  I really like! ( More than I thought I would..) The campus is really gorgeous and its great having Amy around to show me the ropes.  This semester I'm taking.. Nutrition and wellness, bio 20, Modern Middle East and California government and Legislature. I am sad to report that I am late almost every day.  Getting here on time is near IMPOSSIBLE!  If commuting and traffic wasn't enough there's the the whole parking issue which is a whole other story. I have already received one parking ticket :( :(

Tony is also in school and really enjoying it.  The other day we were driving and he told me how eye opening his human development class is.  A class on marriage and the family unit was bound to touch on polygamy and of course it did.  It was horrifying to hear what the world knows about Mormons.  Of course they blamed polygamy on the Ladder Day Saints, which is so sad.  Instructors really need to be clear on the fact that the Mormon Church does in no way accept or agree with the those people who unfortunately call the selves Mormons [Fundamentalists]  ANYWAY- I was very proud when Hubby told me he stood up and cleared up all the false ideas that were discussed, and backed up our faith.  GO Tony Go!

More breaking news.. ( and if you know me well you know how intense this is..)  I, Heather Marie Ricker..

...have given up sugary treats.

YES it's true.  I decided that I may be addicted to such sugary goodness! ..being as I want and crave them allllllll the time. Ask Tony. I would much rather order dessert at a restaurant then dinner. In fact if he didn't make me eat real food I doubt I would! HA! It's not that I'm clueless about nutrition, it IS my major after all, but Chocolate is just...heavenly.  So today is officially day three without a single cookie, pastry, piece of cake, pie, ice cream, bite of candy, half of brownie NOTHING! Not one. How has it been?
Honestly? The first two days I had a bad headache. I can't officially say it was from the sugar withdrawals.. but I have my suspicions. I really was able to count how many times in a day I crave sugar and how many times it is flaunted in my face!  At work on my break there were left over pastries.. being thrown away if  no one wanted the chiropractor office they had fresh baked cookies in the waiting room.. and we were the only ones in there! At lunch my mom wanted to share dessert.. Tony wanted to split a kit kat, brownies at the in laws,  ice cream cones AHHHH!
But- I am determined. We will see if my body stops craving sugar eventually. :)

Equally as devastating, someone stole our checking account information and bailed someone out of jail on our account!! A couple hundred dollars later our bank called and reported suspicious activity. Can you believe it? We are so careful with our cards. We had to change our bank cards and everything.  Now we are looking into buying a shredder...
Well, time for class. Adios amigos!

The Rickers.

PS- As I am typing this very sentence there is a man sitting right next to me enjoying a huge moist, wonderfully delicious  chocolate chip cookie... shoot me now!

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Collette Mae said...

Oh and here is my answer to my question! Jeez girl! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH that sounds so hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And your end made me laugh!!!! LOL