Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring has sprung

The warm(ish) weather is finally here!! I have been waiting for it to finally arrive and here it is.  Although you wouldn't have known it last week... what was that hail all about??
Well I am in the last couple weeks of the semester and it is Reallystressingmeout!!! Poor Tony, I'm sure glad he can deal with this basket case. I am also applying for year long nutrition internship that would start in the fall! I wont say too much about that well see if I even get it =/

Anywho- I have been really excited about the warm weather because I have been eager to start our little garden. Well my little garden,  Tony wasn't to interested unless we got a topsi-turvey tomato thing. 
Last Saturday there was a home and garden show in Vacaville so my mom and I headed out early.  I picked up some cute little hanging planters, soil, gardening utensils and of course FLOWERS :D

My cute flowers

After I planted them

The end results! Hanging flower plants.

Maybe Im a little too excited over them, lol. I am still excited to plant a few more too.
Also, last Tuesday was Activity Days ( my calling at church)  so I decided to go on a spring theme and we decorated some clay pots and planted some seeds.  We learned about Alma 32 and planting that true and good seed.

I made flower shaped cookies and stuck them in a plating pot,.
I love Activity Days! 

Tony has also been incredibly busy lately. As of yesterday I think he worked nine days in a row, all day then came home and had band practice or something else.  Last weekend he was gone Friday, Saturday and Sunday with the band on location shooting a music video! He came home exhausted but said it was a lot of fun. I am so excited to see it! 

Here are a few more pictures of lately:

Sac Temple date night

Damy at Buckhorn

Tony and I, Damy, Brandon, Markie and Josh at Buckhorn