Sunday, May 22, 2011

Babysitting, my birthday & Built By Stereo

This month has been really busy! Wow. I'll start from the beginning :)My birthday was on the 4th and it was a great one.  Tony took me shopping that day!! I must have spent 2 hours in forever 21 ( that place is huge!)  And came out 4 new summer dresses, a cute top and a new pair of sandals! YAY!  Thanks again  hubby! Then we headed over to my parents house for a little birthday fun and had cheesecake for lunch ( it was my birthday, right?) and got to open a few gifts there too.  My family is so great! It really isn't a birthday with out balloons, a sweet treat of some sort, a happy birthday banner and a gift to unwrap. Its just how we MacCallums do it!  I got a few new frames for our home, a hanging tomato plant thingy, an awesome watering can and a great photo album :)  I love my fam!  Before I tell you were Tony took me next, let me remind you of what huge animal fans we are.  WE REALLY LOVE DOGS.. alot. So much in fact that we went to the SPCA and visited all the cuties there!  eeeeeeeee!  Someday... we will have a puppy of our own! :D  Anywho, then that night for dinner we got to go to a restaurant of MY choice... Red Lobster!  I love seafood, but unfortunately my seafood-hating hubby refuses to eat it. So I enjoyed every bite of it! My friends came along too, and it was a blast.  Getting together with friends always is.  I am very grateful for each and everyone of you!

Ashley, Robbie, Ish and Melody

Tony, Daniel Derrick

Me and Hubbs

Tony has also been really busy with the band.  They have been playing a bunch each week and of course having a blast.  They have just signed a deal with a digital marketing company who will be representing them.  Pretty cool, that digital marketing company also works with Sum 41, Foo fighters,  and One Republic to name a few ;)  I couldn't be more proud of my hard workin' Hubby. He is quite the musician! They also just played a battle of the bands at the Fat Cat in Modesto and won second place! Were rich! haha, jk unfortunately but they did get a cash prize. They didn't play until 9pm so we got to go see Thor in 3D.. It was So good! Definitely recommend it!  

We also got a chance to babysit our ADORABLE niece and nephew last week. They couldn't have been more perfect.  We had such a fun time being cool aunt Heather and uncle Tony,lol. We love them! Thank you Gary and Rachel!

adorable, right?

I also just finished my first semester at Sac State, and I have to say, I think it went pretty good!  I see now how hard it is to get into necessary classes, but I managed to get a full load for the fall. That means I get the summer off! ( taking classes over the summer is way too expensive.)  Tony is taking a full load for the first time too this fall.  We have a class together :)  He has decided to pursue a marketing degree, and I have to say I think its pretty perfect for him.  He is really excited! We are both really looking forward to Disneyland trip this summer.. I'm counting down the days until I can be tanning on the beaches of Laguna... 

Well that's all for now!
xoxo Heather

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ANDREA said...

Heather! I'm sorry we weren't able to make it out for your birthday dinner (I had class that night) but I'm so glad you had a great birthday! That's awesome that the band seems to be doing well, but even better that Tony is taking a full load of classes too! You two are so cute together. I love the pictures of you and the just have some of your own! ;)