Monday, July 18, 2011

DisneyLand 2011

So we went to Disneyland last week as most of you know. It was a great vacation!  Here are a few of my favorite moments...

1. On the drive up we pulled over at a rest stop for a bathroom break.  As Tony and I walked into the rest stop we noticed an "out of order" sign on the mens room.  So Tony walked into the women's room with me.  So there we are in stalls side by side, doing our thing lol.  Tony starts reading the sign on the back of the door (which is in spanish) .. So as we walk out of the stall he is a little ahead of me and can you guess what happened next? Of course a woman walks right in and Tony is all, " Oh sorry Im just in here with my wife"  ..( She just stares back in shock..)  " No-err, I meant the mens restroom was closed so.." Me- I was trying to teach him spanish.."  I then wash my hands and Tony hurry's out.  As I'm about to leave the lady yells, " you should teach your husband to flush the toilet too!"

2. Tony's face on the tower of terror... lol. priceless. 

3. Watching the fireworks show over the castle at DisneyLand with my love  <3
4.  Tony-  The fear in my wife's face as we were about to go down a drop on the water ride at CA adventure. ( It is a big drop!) Oh, and Yes we wore poncho's! lol

5. Enjoying ice cream from the place on main street.. every night. ;)
Also- the Pineapple floats over by the entrance of adventure land.. yumm!

6. Holding Vanessa's hands as she closed her eyes shut and held on for dear life on Pirates of the Caribbean.. So cute, but I felt so bad!

7. Its a small world.  I love this ride! 

8.  Soaking up the sun on the beach...

9. Laughing and having a great time with each other <3

10. Spending  quality time with the fam :)

So grateful for family!  We have been blessed with truly wonderful people to be surrounded by.  Everyday  really is an adventure. 

Heather, Tony & Jimmer.

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