Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Summer has come to an end...

Well I think summer is just about officially over.  School is back in session and its starting to get dark a little earlier. Tony and I are both full time students this semester and for the first time EVER have class together! (Although we knew each other in high school we didn't go to the same school and never attended college together, so this is super fun!) It is really great having him to do homework or study with!  Tony is an incredible student to the surprise of both of us. ( He has always hated it..)  But he is actually really enjoying his classes and doing really well in them!  

Jimmer the dog is completely house trained now ( thank goodness) and can "sit" and "shake Paw".   He gets his last shot this week and then we can take him out on walks, to dog parks, around other dogs etc.  The only sad news is that he has a little cyst that will have to be removed asap so he will have to stay a night at the Vet while getting neutered and the cyst removed.  Poor baby! 

Tony has been working on a ton of band stuff ( as you've probably seen us post on FB) They are working on getting a new tour van which is easier said than done!  The Built By Stereo CD comes on on Itunes and on September 13!  Finally! We haven't got a release date for stores yet but all in due time. 

Me and Sourdough Sam trying to have a moment
A couple of weeks ago we went over to my parents to celebrate their anniversary.  How many years you ask? oh you know, 49!! Crazy, right? They are such a great example.  Still flirt, act silly, hold hands, cuddle while watching tv and smooch in public.  I love my parents!  

We've also been excited for football season!  Go niners! We went to training camp in Santa Clara and Fan-Fest at Candlestick Stadium. So fun!  He is hopeful for a new season. Never mind that last preseason game. We are forever faithful.  

Here are a few photos.

On our way to grandmas!

My nephew Lorenzo & Tony at 49er FanFest

Jimmer being cute lol

Excited for a car ride!

I made this birthday Card for my sister lol !

Sister Lily's birthday at Red Lobster.. YUM

Our seats at training camp were right on the field. So cool to see everyone up close!

On our way to Red Robin I believe

Amy modeling Built By Stereo's new cute shirts! 


Go niners!

My adorable parents with their original cake topper.. almost 50 years ago!

Tony's birthday Party at Chilies of course

Getting our beauty sleep

Me trying to do homework, Jimmer wanting to snuggle.

He loves his bone!

 Well I hope everyone has a great night! 
Heather, Tony & Jimmer

Saturday, August 20, 2011

New happenings

Well it looks like my dear hubby is looking to do some touring!  is doing a fundraiser with the site Kickstarter in order to raise funds for a new band van.  The way it works is that our wonderful family, friends and fans go to and pledge a couple of bucks to the cause.  If they meet their goal ( which is $6500) in 44 days then your transaction will be processed.  If they don't reach their goal you will keep your money.  Please help!  You can donate anything from 1$ and up.  Anything helps.  Thanks a bunch guys!

Heather & Jimmer