Sunday, November 6, 2011

My cup is half full


Today I have been feeling overly blessed and just so grateful. I truly know how much our Heavenly father loves each one of us and knows us so well.  I feel the love of my savior daily and today especially.  I know my Father in Heaven knows exactly what I need in every aspect in my life.  He knows my marriage, he knows my feelings, he knows my dreams.  I feel so lucky so be so head over heels in love with the most handsome,  smart, funny, talented, spiritual giant that I have ever met.  Sometimes I think that my husband has to love me more than any husband out there loves their wives :)  ( And I just choose to keep believing that ;)  ) I have such wonderful in laws, so kind and generous and loving. So welcoming and selfless and a perfect example to me. I have a wonderful sister, mom and family too that continue to love and support me.  And last but not least we have a crazy, destructive, beast of a pup that we couldn't love more.  I love the gospel, I love my Heavenly Father and I love my husband. Life can be so wonderful,  if you just let it.


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