Monday, November 21, 2011


Hubby is home!! YAY! We actually flew out to Vegas last week to surprise him before the Vegas House of Blues show, but the show got cancelled! Tesla's lead singer got sick and so the last few dates had to be postponed. Can you believe it? So here I was in Vegas ready to surprise Tony and he was in California.  ha! So We just flew him out as soon as we found out and we got to have some fun before we flew home! And boy oh boy did we have fun... We had a blast driving up and down the strip, going out on the boat, shopping and seeing a show. ( Mystere by Circque du Soliel was awesome!) Big thanks to Uncle Stan for being such a great host!
Also, the first half of the tour went great! It was sooo  exciting to see pictures of some of the venues they got to play and the amount of people in them.  Some places were even sold out with a couple thousand, so cool right? The next half of the tour will be a for sure thing now and starts in February.  They get to play all up and down the East coast! I'm so jealous! Tony wants to fly me over for the New York shows, but we will have to see how broke we are after Christmas lol.  I would sure love to go see New York though...
and BBS of course. ;)
Here are a few pictures!

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