Thursday, December 29, 2011

Xmas recap and the new year

Well Christmas has come and gone and new years is quickly approaching. I still can't believe how fast  the year came and went, but here we are, counting down the days of 2011. Tony and I have been talking a lot about our goals for 2012, both as a family and individually.  I LOVE GOAL MAKING! And list making. I love to plan!  
But first a little recap of our holiday!

First off, I think I have been sick or otherwise not well all of December. UGH. First I had a terrible cold which, no joke, lasted for a good 2 and a half weeks.  Just when I thought I was better, I woke up with a toothache which quickly became HORRIBLE.  After a dentist appointment I found out I had a tooth abscess and infection.  So another round of antibiotics, vicodin, and a heating pad for my horribly swollen face. No fun. Then the week before Christmas came and I had so much to do still! The family slideshow, wrap a million presents, get the Christmas cards mailed, bake treats, Ahhh! I did manage to get everything done. Christmas was once again, amazing.  I don't know where or when it happens exactly, but somewhere or sometime growing up, the joy of Christmas changes.  I could care less about my own gifts, I was just so excited to give my friends, family and hubby the best Christmas ever.   I was so excited for Tony to open his presents from me! And spending the day with my family and his family was just perfect.  I love the holidays!! It was so great to spend time with my siblings and parents.  We played games, opened presents, watched the family slideshow of the year and of course ate tons of turkey and stuffing! YUM!! I was so excited to give the fam their presents and cards.  And eating the famous Ricker Cherry cheesecake..and pumpkin pie was wonderful also :) Santa brought us some pretty amazing things this year too :)  Tony got Kings tickets, video games, TONS of 49er things, a new beautiful watch, and a few other things.  And he brought me the amazing fireplace I wanted for our bedroom!!!! A few bracletts that I love ( Juicy!) some Victoria secret perfumes and lotions, a cute pink workout jacket and a forever 21 gift card. I know, I'm a spoiled wife! Tony is too good to me. Im a lucky lady :)
Jimmer got coal this year because he has been a bad dog all year. 

Just kidding lol, We gave him a huge meaty bone, which he divowered in about 12 minutes. 

I love my fireplace! So cozy!!
We have so much to be grateful for! I am so grateful for my wonderful life with the hubbs.  We have so much fun together and the holidays make me feel especially grateful.  Grateful for hubby, the gospel, my family and friends, and our awesome life.  I can't wait to see what 2012 has in store for us!

The Rickers

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