Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Chapter two...

Another year has gone by for us as we celebrated our second anniversary in May! Time flies when you're having fun! We have been busy lately with finals, work, moving, my birthday, our anniversary, and more!
So May 4th was my birthday and Tony surprised me with a little weekend getaway to Santa Cruz! It was so nice to get away for a little while and relax and enjoy being alone :)  The weather was beautiful and the boardwalk was so fun!

We also got to go to a great friend ( Rachel) graduation from Saint Mary's!  I have known Rachel since the first grade so it was so fun seeing her in a cap and gown. We are so happy and proud of you friend! WooHoo!  The Saint Mary's campus is gorgeous too.. so many trees and hills around that area.  My parents came with us and we made a day out of it!

We got a really fun anniversary present this year.. our new place! We moved into a house ( our first one!) in Fairfield near my parents.  The house is perfect for us! Its definitely in need of a little TLC but we've  been enjoying fixing it up together.  We painted the living room and kitchen, replaced a couple things hear and there.. getting new front windows.. and I can't wait to start planting my garden!  The house is a 3 bedroom+ a loft, so we have way more room than we need!  It is really starting to feel like home :) I couldn't be a happier Heather! Here are a few pictures of the house!

Here are a few other pics from recently.. fiesta days,
I love him!
fiesta days!
Bath time

<3 Heather

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ANDREA said...

Wow Heather! You two are doing so well!! I LOVE the new house, you'll have to have a house warming party or something so I can come over and see it! It'd be like watching an episode of House Hunters LIVE! Lol. That was so sweet of Tony to surprise you for your birthday, what a great man you have! THanks for posting an update, I really need to be better about posting on my blog.